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Ludovic Height Adjustable Desk

Ludovic Height Adjustable Desk

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Elevate your gaming or work setup with our adjustable height desk!

Introducing our Ludovic Height Adjustable Desk, designed to provide a seamless, ergonomic work or gaming experience. This desk frame is perfect for those who want to switch between sitting and standing, as it has an adjustable height feature with a minimum height of 78cm and a maximum height of 121cm, making it ideal for individuals of all heights.

The desk frame has a stroke of 460mm, which ensures a smooth transition between heights. It operates quietly, with a motor sound of only 45 dB, ensuring a peaceful and uninterrupted work environment. With a speed of 20mm/s, you can adjust the height of your desk quickly and easily. Come with a Hand Control S2, allowing easy height adjustment and enhanced support and stability for heavy loads, making it a reliable and sturdy option. It is also equipped with Enhanced Collision Avoidance Technology, ensuring maximum safety.

A table size of 1200x600mm, making it perfect for any workspace. With a loading capacity of 100 kg, you can rest assured that your desk will support all your work essentials.

Our Ludovic Height Adjustable Desk is the perfect addition to any gaming or workspace, providing comfort and functionality. With its adjustable height, quiet operation, and reliable construction, this desk frame will surely enhance your experience.

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